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Rugby Football Club Inc.

Southbridge Park
St James Street
Southbridge, Selwyn
Canterbury, New Zealand

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Southbridge Rugby Football Club’s mission is to support and encourage a healthy approach to rugby and training for individuals of all levels of ability. Through the camaraderie of a club atmosphere, members enjoy rugby for the purposes of general fitness as well as personal and team goals.

As a group, the SRFC will participate in as well as promote rugby as a fitness-related activity throughout the Canterbury Region.

The Southbridge Rugby Football Club also provides opportunities for other clubs and organizations within the local community to assist with their fundraising activities.

Rugby in Ellesmere

Dan Carter passing the ballThe Southbridge Rugby Football Club has been servicing the rugby community in Ellesmere since 1876. This year (April 2010) we will turn 134 years old which is an awesome effort for the club. Currently the SRFC is made up of 50 active members that service the game from a committee and a coaching/management level throughout all grades — from Division 1 to Under 7’s. We have around 250 registered players at our club, which is very high considering the size of our community. We also have a very strong Golden Oldies section in the club.

The SRFC provides three referees in the Ellesmere competition which we are very proud of.

The rugby season runs from March, starting with pre-season games and the competition kicks off the first weekend of April, ending around the first weekend of August. Over the course of the season we play at many different venues throughout the Canterbury Country Region from Glenmark to Hinds, so we are very much in the public eye of the rural community throughout Canterbury.

The SRFC over the past few years has attracted a large amount of media attention, this especially apparent with our Division 1 side due to Daniel Carter (All Black), being a member of the SRFC and also a squad member of the Division 1 side, which he trains with regularly. He managed to play one club game for us last season and there were approximately 5000 spectators at the game. This season and leading into 2011 which is ‘Rugby World Cup’ year we still expect to have this level of attention given to the club and even more so in 2011. We have some exciting things planned for 2011 for SRFC to be involved in the ‘Rugby World Cup’ at ‘grassroots’ level.


PerformanceA principle objective of the Southbridge Rugby Football Club is to promote the code and raise funds for the development of ‘grassroots’ rugby in Southbridge. Funds are raised by way of sponsorship, donations, fundraising activities, exhibition games, annual events such as the ‘End of Harvest Ball’, ‘Ladies Night’, guest speaker evenings, auctions, firewood gathering, vegetable harvesting, packing containers of potatoes for export, hay carting, and other casual labour.

Behind our games, we have a vibrant club that exists for the purpose of supporting the players, promoting the rugby culture and reaching out to the community. More importantly, the club serves to introduce new players to the game. The club is proud of the manner in which it strives to maintain many of the traditional values associated with club rugby. The club is very supportive of its players and families and as a result are able to generate a club atmosphere that is the envy of many and a sponsorship family that is the envy of many.


srfc rugby jerseys on lineSouthbridge rugby celebrates life. Participation and fair play are important elements of our game. While rugby is the major focus, we also seek to promote rugby fitness within the community. A group of senior players are also actively involved with the JAB rugby program, passing on skills and knowledge to the next generation of player.

The Southbridge Rugby Club has a strong presence in the Canterbury region and is also well known throughout New Zealand.

The Southbridge Rugby Football Club holds the annual Albert Anderson Player of The Year Day. This is where the outstanding player for our club over the past season is named and presented with a fantastic trophy and a Player of the Year jacket. On this day a Southbridge invitation team, mainly made up of Division 1 members and nominees for the trophy, play a game against the Canterbury Classics (ex Canterbury players & potential Canterbury players), but this day is certainly not just about rugby. It is about helping our community, each year we call for applicants from within our community to fundraise for their benefit. Normally the successful applicant would raise around $10,000 for their organization on this day. The SRFC makes no financial gain as it is all focused towards the success of the non-profit organization. A few of the successful applicants in the past have been: Southbridge Swimming Club, Southbridge Volunteer Fire Brigade, Southbridge School, Leeston Toy Library, Leeston School and Southbridge Playcentre.. there are too many to list. Over the years as a club we have helped these organizations raise in excess of over $200,000 which has been a huge success story and one our club is very proud of.


• Provide a fun rugby competition for all ages
• Invite the local community to join in and promote the sport of rugby
• Support and develop local junior rugby in the Ellesmere and Canterbury region
• Fundraise and support local charities
• Further player coach, manager and referee development
• To win the Division 1 Competition
• Continue to be the strongest JAB Club in Ellesmere
• To grow our Sponsorship Family
• To extend our clubrooms
• To purchase neighboring land for additional rugby field
• To be the ‘Strongest Club and Brand’ in country rugby.